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Policy on Donation Requests
Grubby Paws cares about animals and pets, especially rescue organizations; indeed all of our artists are rescues!
We would love to donate to all who request support, but alas, we are a small company with limited resources. Our policy is to route any donations through a local retailer who carries our products. Failing that, we are happy to sell to a rescue or charitable organization at slightly less than wholesale prices (plus shipping at cost) so that you can resell or auction off the items to the highest bidder.

All items come in either Dog or Cat Paw Design on off-white ceramics or textiles
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Retail Stores: Please contact us by email (rigby@rigby.ca) or phone (1-800-561-5053)
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Feeding bowls, water bowls, treat jars, mugs, etc. - all hand crafted, lead-free glaze, now made by us in Canada

Good enough for people, good enough for pets

Large 3 cup mugs - also coasters and lids


Place mats, paw wipe towels (teatowels), slobber wipe towels (dish cloth), floor mats, throws, rugs, etc., in 100% unbleached cotton, machine washable, all to coordinate with the ceramics. Designed and printed in Canada.



Dog paw salve - Paw Balm,
Bona Fido bone shape soap,
Bar soap for pets,
all natural health products

Fully tested on humans, now available for pets!

All made in Canada


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Retailers: Please contact us by email (rigby@rigby.ca) or phone (1-800-561-5053)
to obtain a Grubby Paws Wholesale Price List

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Handmade Paper


General giftware &
Tibet / Nepal General

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